Registry Team and Liaison Members

Clinical and Administrative Team

This team is responsible for risk assessment, arrangement and performance of clinical screening/surveillance, advice on and arrangement of clinical management and the daily administrative work of the Registry. This team consists of Dr. Judy Ho (a colorectal surgeon working at the Department of Surgery, Queen Mary Hospital) and Ms. Emily Chan (Registry coordinator).

Professor K.M. Chu is our liaison upper gastrointestinal surgeon working at the Department of Surgery, The University of Hong Kong. He and his team are responsible for upper gastrointestinal surveillance activities of our syndrome families.

Professor Hextan Ngan and Dr. Karen Chan are our liaison gynaecological oncologists working at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The University of Hong Kong. They are responsible for gynaecological surveillance activities of our LS female members.

There are also liaison members of surgeons and oncologists from both the public and private sectors. They are responsible for patient referrals and management of families in their respective hospitals/clinics.

Laboratory Team

To provide molecular genetic analysis of recruited families, the Registry is collaborating with Dr. Chris Wong at the Hong Kong Molecular Pathology Diagnostic Centre and the laboratory of Dr. Edmond Ma at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital to facilitate tumour molecular analysis as well as mutation detection for FAP, LS and other polyposis syndromes. These laboratories work closely with the clinical team to ensure optimal and timely molecular analysis for our existing and newly recruited families.

There are also liaison pathologists from various public and private hospitals to assist the Registry in the tracing of tumour tissue for molecular genetic analysis.

Psychosocial Team

This team is responsible for genetic counseling and psychosocial support of recruited families. The team consists of Dr. Judy Ho and Miss Sylvia Wong. The team is grateful to have Professor Samuel Ho from the Department of Applied Social Studies of the City University of Hong Kong to advise us on psychosocial research and service planning.

We are working closely with social workers and clinical psychologists from Cancer Centres of various Hospital Authority hospitals.